About Us

When we first began, our team was meticulously comprised with professionals from the government and private sectors resulting in 20+ years of experience in: Human Resource and Policy, IT Security, Government Operations and Infrastructure, Staff Development, Customer Service, Research and Development, Project Management, Marketing and Consumer Sales. Our vision, work ethic and expertise allowed us to quickly build cohesion and recognize that we all shared a common goal, a passion for helping others not only achieve their dreams and goals, but also design and scale them in the most innovative and efficient manner possible.

Understanding our purpose and the needs of our client base drove us to perform intense research and analysis right away. We set out to specify and expand upon the character traits, skill sets, foundational tools, market dynamics and technological resources that make a person and/or business a profitable, efficient and sustainable success, and our findings gave us the impetus to turn our hard work and inspiration into a booming consulting business.

Since inception, we’ve evolved tremendously. In addition to setting excellence standards, we’ve created and implemented dynamic, evidence-based tools, courses and resources, and now serve clients all over the world with new partnerships being created daily. We are thrilled to be a part of the innovative and trailblazing wing of the rapidly growing consulting industry as we work tirelessly to provide world-class service and create new blueprints for success daily.

We look forward to working with you and helping you take your business to new heights!

Shannon Smith, Founder and CEO